I will send or email you a health and lifestyle questionnaire; please complete this and return to me before you come for your first consultation. This will enable me to study your case which will allow more time for discussion during the consultation.

I will also send you a blank food diary which you should complete and bring with you to the first consultation.

Any information you can supply about your past medical history, and that of your family, will also be useful in assessing your case. Please tell me about any drugs or supplements which have been prescribed to you by your doctor or therapist, or that you take regularly. You should not discontinue any prescribed medication without first consulting your doctor or consultant.

Wherever possible, and with your agreement,  I like to work alongside any other health care professionals you may have, as I believe this provides you with the best individual care. You should never stop taking any medicine that has been prescribed to you without first consulting your GP or consultant.

Your consultation

Consultations last around 60 minutes and will:

1. Analyse your current diet, lifestyle, what you'd like to change and any specific symptoms.
2. Identify the underlying causes for the way you are feeling and the potential risks to your long term health.
3. Develop a personal food and lifestyle programme that you control and that will lead to improved health.
4. Implement the new eating and lifestyle practices designed to fit in to your life.

I may need to undertake further research before I can give any recommendations.

Follow-up sessions, to monitor progress and address any other concerns, are normally monthly.

Once you’ve had a consultation, you’ll be armed with the basic tools necessary to do the best you can to ward off disease and infections and lead an active and productive life the way you want to.

The length of your treatment will largely depend on the nature of your illness, how long you have had it, and on other individual characteristics of your case.

Everything you say is kept in complete confidence.


£60 initial consultation              £45 follow-up * 

I also offer telephone and Skype consultations.

*Follow-up appointments apply to all subsequent consultations after the first - even if you return at a much later date and with a different problem.

An additional charge will be applied for a home visit.
For all enquiries and appointments in West Sussex and Surrey
please telephone me on 01730 812 625 or 07967 923 434.

For appointments in Hampshire please telephone 01730 231 655.