"I suffered for many years with fatigue and stomach problems including bloating, constipation and severe abdominal cramps. I was finally diagnosed with coeliac disease and had my gall bladder removed. I still struggled with symptoms despite doing everything that I was told.

Deciding to see Dee French was the best money ever spent! I cannot begin to describe how great she has been in getting to the bottom of my issues! I noticed improvements after our first session. Dee focuses a lot of time and energy into her patients and best of all she thinks ‘outside the box’. She is always armed with loads of research at every appointment and explains exactly why you should follow her recommendations without being patronising. She also makes herself readily available if you have any questions or concerns.

I definitely suggest that anyone struggling with gastrointestinal issues makes an appointment with Dee!"
MS, Hampshire


"I went to see Dee French because of increasing digestion problems and gain in weight. Dee analysed my diet thoroughly and gave me advice on what to eat or drink less of and what foods to replace in my diet. With her very gentle and clever approach to changes in diet she helped me to lose 2 kg in 5 weeks. The digestion problems disappeared and I feel much better in general. Thank you very much, Dee! RG, West Sussex


"I met Dee when she gave a talk on nutrition at a meeting of the Federation of Holistic Therapists which inspired me to see her about general dietary advice and in particular the food intolerances I suffered with for many years. Such a super lady, very gentle and was understanding of my concerns. She gave me lots of suggestions and we agreed a programme for me to follow which was easy to fit into my day-to-day life. Just two changes to my diet gave me such a boost and I feel so much healthier with lots more energy. I no longer feel hungry between meals and have lost weight without dieting. Thank you again for putting me on the right path to better health." LST, West Sussex


"I have consulted Dee for a variety of problems which she addressed in a systematic way and she has helped me tremendously. It is obvious that she has a deep knowledge of her subject and is prepared to take time to find exactly the right diet and dietary supplements for you, and then carefully review your progress in subsequent visits, altering the regime if necessary. Her manner is always patient, encouraging and sympathetic. As a complementary therapist myself, I recommend Dee’s service whenever I meet someone who needs nutritional help." RM, Hampshire


“After suffering for years with bowel and digestive problems I am now symptom free and it is just amazing! I had tried in the past to work out what was causing it but it definitely needed a professional to analyse my diet and symptoms and to provide me with a plan to follow. For the price of a pair of jeans you have helped me sort out an embarrassing problem which has plagued me for years - worth every penny!" SR, Hampshire


“The changes you suggested I make to my diet have proved really effective and for the first time in many months I’m no longer constantly aware of the pain and stiffness in my joints. I also have more energy and can do many things I haven’t been able to do for a long time. Thank you for all your help”. EP, Surrey


“My diet is now a lot more balanced and the weight is coming off at a steady pace, and I am also trying for a baby and feel more confident than ever that I will achieve this. I can't thank you enough for helping me get my weight back on track, making me feel more healthy and that food is no longer the enemy.” JL, West Sussex


“Thank you so much for all the advice and help you have given me Dee. You have given me realistic goals and have explained clearly why I should try and maintain the Treatment Plan that you devised for me. I really have appreciated your guidance and I do feel so much better for it.” JP, Surrey


"After years of suffering with digestive problems, chronic constipation and yeast infections, I have improved beyond all recognition with the simple dietary changes that Dee recommended. I may slip up occasionally but I now have the knowledge to eat the foods that suit me. I'd recommend nutritional therapy to anyone who wants to improve their health." LW, West Sussex


“My mother looks and feels so much better since following your guidelines to change her diet. At 83 she didn’t expect to feel any changes but she is so much more active and has more energy. Now that she can see what a difference sensible, healthy eating makes and how much more she can achieve then I am confident she will continue with the simple changes you recommended. Thank you so much”.
SH, West Sussex


"I am extremely pleased that I decided to see Dee French to discuss my nutrition and how my energy levels could be improved. I considered myself to have a very healthy diet (and Dee confirmed it was not at all bad) but wanted professional help with navigating the huge amount of supplements available and how a few niggling health problems could possibly be improved. After a very detailed consultation Dee recommended cutting a few things out from my diet, introducing more of others and tailored a bespoke supplement package that would help me. After a very short time all of my issues have been resolved and my energy levels have shot up! I would not have thought that these few changes would make such an enormous difference to my life but they have. I know I would not have thought to make these changes without Dee's instruction. I am very pleased with the entire professional service and would highly recommend it to anyone. Thank you Dee!" SC, Hampshire

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